Gokarna Khanal

birding guide




Welcome to my website. My name is Gokarna Khanal and I work as a birding guide in Nepal. I have more than 20 year experience in guiding bird watchers all over the Nepal.  I speak fluent English, a little bit Japanese and German and am able to organize your stay in Nepal from arrival until departure (accommodation, transportation, etc). Please send me an e-mail for more information!

Earthquake update

Me and my family were very lucky to escape the earthquake unharmed. During last months I have been traveling in remote villages helping those who were not so fortunate. There is still a lot of work to do but many of the guesthouses
 and trekking routes are already opening up. The birds,wildlife, mountains and nature are still here and great as ever.

Nepalese economy depends on tourism and visitor numbers have fallen drastically after the earthquake. Here's where you can help too - by choosing your next holiday destination to be Nepal you are providing much needed work and income for many people - guides, drivers, cooks, guesthouse owners. We thank you for visiting Nepal!